>IDEA Needs No Border

>When I think of starting this blog, I thought the things I can do for BOP innovation is not only developing the onsite projects, but also delivering many ideas which is totally brand-new and innovative, at the same time, very significant for low-income population.

Most of the people have no idea, what kind of ideas will be useful in the next generation, next market, next dynamic-changing world.
Most of the people would like to know attractive and innovative ideas which makes many people happier and wealthy.
Most of the people have no access to such a ideas and that is the reason why people get hopeless for poverty prevailing and unease of this world.

But I think we can change with small ideas.
If everyone wish to have small ideas, innovative and brings good social impact to the porr, the world gonna change a lot. Small changes, big difference.

That’s why I said “IDEA NEEDS NO BORDER”
for the rich or not, for the poor or not, it doesn’t matter at all.
The world will be cloud-based constructed and many polars all over the world will bring you much value if you can collaborate them together creatively.



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