>Japanese govt moves on BOP?

>It's hard to understand, for the first moment, that governmental organization got inspired and have much interest in BOP project developing for the poor. But, the move is shown in the ministry of Foreign Affairs, JICA, JETRO, and also the ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

Most of them focus on how Japanese companies got into the depth of emerging coutnries and with those activities, how the governmantal organization contribute to enterprises and international reputation at the same time. This idea is all embeded in the movements built by USAID and UNDP, DFID etc.

How can it be appropriate to engage in BOP projects by national/governmenatal organization, especially which usually act as trade and industry protection. I can understand easily with the idea of aid agency searching for new type of Public-Private partnerships, but how will it be protective to the poor when BOP project is built with the aim of trade and industry spreading.

I don't deny or criticize this move but just doubt that it might be very tough road for the ministries and the poor at the same time. Hope that they don't get in rush, and will take a long history of dialogues in the end.

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