>Enthusiasm for BOP business frontier

>2 days ago, some place in Tokyo, many people had gathered for a seminar of BOP business frontier of Japanese company. Mr. Shintani had gathered almost over 60 people to Tokyo meeting place and finally a staff from KAO cosmetic company had a lecture there.
Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend the meeting as for my private staff to do, but these enthusiasm had started since last year. Many will come from enterprises, but most of the audience has no projects to BOP but intend to do something in the near future within his/her company or outside.
This meeting group is called “SUS-KEN” (stand for sustainable Kenkyukai, meaning self-research association for sustainability) and it started some Old boys and girls from training course in FASID, focusing on development method with enterprises’ CSR direction.
FASID OB/OG had started this meeting since several years ago and they continuously discussed human development. Most of the members are somehow engaged in development in developing or emerging countries,  but recent new comers are more away from development or aid to the poor. They are more likely to stay in the developed countries and to do something contribution to the developing country’s social issues to be solved.
I had a lecture there in Oct, after coming back from Helsinki of Base of the pyramid conference, and there we had over 40 audience from all over related fields. It was fascinating meeting place with people having a strong will and ideas and I could get close to some very important people who had an initiative in Japanese BOP dialogues.
From overseas, FTSE’s SRI manager had came and talked about enterprises’ CSR last year. If you have a chance to come to Tokyo and will have time for connecting people with BOP ideas, please contact me and I will take you to SUS ken if possible.


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