>Great convergence, BOP and Clean tech

>I had come to NYC from Tokyo, (it’s been 5 yrs since I came here last time, wow), and set up my surroundings towards BOP conference in Hilton, New York.
Why NYC? Why Hilton? for BOP?
No, it’s the global forum by Cornell University. I was a bit related with Stuart Hart and his team in Cornell, (Stu is the author of “Capitalism at the cross road”), and in that connection, I was also
invited to this forum by luck.
Almost 100 people will get together, who is in the front line of BOP projects in the world, and we will discuss about how we proceed the BOP projects in the near future.
Convergence and guideline setting for the future, is the one main target of this conference’s outcome.
I think, form my viewpoints, many things must be done for BOP projects developing more sustainablly. Negative case collections must be done sooner or later, and also innovation is very crucial but it has to be from the very bottom of people’s heart in BOP.
Actually I cannot wait for 2days later we will concentrate on working group discussions as many people will come over to revise the protocol and guidelines for the future essence.
If you are delegates, see you soon in hilton.


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