>The First day on Cornell Global Forum

>Now it’s starting. It is actually exciting especially today because many of the attendees are from almuni of Cornell and they are actually doing their own business other than Bop matters. Stu Hart had a thought of mingling all those BOP related researchers and those who had become interested in cleantech and sustainability recently.

Enthusiasm of Cleantech had come too much sometimes and thus the Carbon credit or financial activities on Carbon something had become very popular and powerful. I used to engage with CDM project developing before but I couldn’t figure out my question till the end. “IS CDM

I think the basic thought for this forum today is the same idea as Stu had envoked a question and raising a proposal about conversion of Cleantech and BOP. It says, “Unfortunately, the vast majority of these investments are focused purely on sustainable technology development
targeted at the ‘top of the pyramid’.”

And, “Comparatively littele attention is being paid to creative commercialization strategies or distribution models for clean technologies at the base of the pyramid, raising the concern that large numbers of them might fail in the coming years.”

This is true. That is why I came here all the way from Tokyo to find out or to find some companies who can struggle for this question together.
I understand that it’s still in the half way, but it will attract people, mostly business people. But I don’t know how deep they understood might affect in the end to real projects. I’ll wait and see
the dialogue we will continue from now on.


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