>The forum is over….


I had all at last finished the forum working, and I met so many

enthusiastic people who is willing to work on this project from their
own heart, and it was actually amazing.
The things I learnt here is that nothing is different if you want
sustainable development which address to the community’s social issues,
even if using such a high technology of bio-, micro-, and clean and green.
Yesterday we had come to one conclusion to make up a so-called
initiative which accelerate sustainable development with many other
actors including governments, international organizations, investors,
companies, engineers, technical proffesionals and local entreupreners.
The thing we made up a mind here is to set up a pipeline which make the
access to information smoothly back and forth, from top to the bottom,
from the bottom to the top.
We especially take much care for the feedback system from the local
site, because it’s worth hearing, worth knowing, and that would be the
only resource which make us more innovative.
Innovation with PPP will happen from our team, I hope.


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