>Design for the other 90%

>Ho, Ho, Ho-
We had come all the way long to publish "Design for the other 90%" in
Japanese language!!
I will make a attribute on this book and will have some articles on

In the context of "SOCIAL DESIGNING" which includes urban planning or
decision making process design and also includes product designing for
the needs embeded very deep inside the community, I will focus also on
DESIGN issues.

In the talk with Ilona from Delft univ and a freelance product
designer, I had come to one conclusion at the end. She said "Designer
has a power to choose design and materials." This is the democracy of
designers and producers. For knowing their own capability so as to
know it's possible to change the world by themselves, the product
designer will have much dignity, and in the end the good circulation
with no waste, decent and simple design will come out and the world
gonna be very BEAUTIFUL finally.

This is my own perspective much inspired by William Morris, but the
designer such as Ilona had the exact same idea.

We are on the role to promote and enhance the ability of design for
the poor (BOP). Many collaboration will definitely follow the talk we
had in NY.

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