>Ken Banks’s Kiwanja.net

>I had jumped in the small group meeting of Ken Banks’s presentation held
at LSE yesterday, and I had a lot of influence and inspiration at the
end of the meeting.
Ken’s presentation was really insightful, with a lot of deeper knowledge
which making me sure of what I had thought through the process of
understanding many cases, and also there was a new finding from him.

We should transfer designing division to the bop arena….. That means,
BoP people can also write programme or design their products by their own.

I had a same idea from IDE, International Development Enterprises which
I will work with, and my ideas about village enterprises will explode
with this concept. I think this means a lot to the schools and the
enterprises in rural areas.

I had felt that there had been just a small leap frogging these days
after finding micro-something business models, such as micro-franchising
or decentralized power generation, decentralized manufacturing at the
mini plants. But the programming or designing at BOP base will make a
boost ideas. And I had a lot of connections with the things which really
happened in rural areas.

Great inspirations and findings this week.


>Next Billion Articles

>I had posted to the Next Billion website;

At the Dawn of Japanese BoP Business

I think this is the first time for opening up the Japanese situation to
the world.