Talk with Ilona…. Green Bronx Machine

Just got a call in a skype, immidiately after writing a small message in Linkedin, it was a great timing, after the morning phone call rush, I was taking a shower and coming out in a chilled relaxing time for lunch.

It was Ilona, (ilona de jonph) from sprout design,, and with her, just chatting about updates in the early summers and what kind of seasons will come next.

Her work now is amazing, named Green Bronx Machine (cool naming!) that provide the opportunity to the youth to start up their business with growing greens in urban settings. They grow and they got more confident in themselves.

The exactly same thing is happening in my projects as well. We talked, there is no boundary between India or Africa and NYC, in terms of income generation and building up the confidence.

I really impressed and motivated, so to start my lessons about greens….. I am thinking of signing up nearest gardening and growing vegetable course in school farm of hammersmith of London.


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