Streetbank London

I am recently became a member of StreetBank, online community of borrowing, lending and give-away. This is the most interesting peer-to-peer system I have now in my mind.

The reason why I became so addicted is that this site looks really fun and human. If you register, I can know the people who lives around me in a mile and will know what kind of lifestyle they spend. They offered some equipments to borrow, or skills to help moving furnitures, or just shouting out to borrow some computer from someone. I can feel the buzz from the street, it’s a very cheerful street actually.

Now in London, I feel so lonely sometime as many neighbors will never get to know each other deeply unless they have a child. If you have a child, you should have a certain time to spare for communicating other mothers and fathers, but if you don’t, there is no need to talk with neighbors. That is the london.

This streetbank gives me a sense of humor, and some opportunities to know the people who lives around me. This site looks much better than Gumtree, as it somehow screen the people with cooperative mindset.

If you have a chance, please have a look and register.


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