WAGOEN story 1: been to the site of WAGO-EN in Japan

I spent three weeks in Japan recently work with my colleagues in my team and welcomed the Indian social company partners in Japan.

As we had discussed before in our project with Indian Social company Drishtee, the social companies regarding agriculture and farmers solidarity in Japan has something unique that we can learn about.
I insisted to take them to Wago-en, and (most of the group were a bit suspicious about what WAGOEN is in the beginning), but the trip to Chiba prefecture to see the WAGO-EN’s activity was incredible. It was much beyond that our expectations.

Wago-en was formed by one poor farmer, a son of farmer in rural area of Japan in 1991. The idea was not clear at that moment but Mr. Kiuchi who is the main farmer of founders tried “everything that will raise their income”. In the beginning, the farmers like Mr. Kiuchi’s family earned very little, because of their weak negotiation power, linkage to the market, and the attractiveness of products, etc…. His family found that their revenue is always less than their expenditure, and Mr. Kiuchi noticed that this is not going to last long. He graduated the college and came back to his house and finally decided to help the family out of poverty.

After a long continuous search for better way of producing, earning and selling, the Wago-en was autonomously formed with several farmers in Yamada town.

I saw the Wagoen documentary in NHK’s “Professional” TV program and was really shocked… What is this? Where is this? Who is this? and then finally got a chance to see their operation site at the end.
This is the company we should really connect any collaborators or friends in BoP spheres with… I was so excited to seek more opportunities to bring our partners into the site there.

Why was I so excited about? Why is it related with BoP business? What was the concept shared?….

To be continued to next post…..


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