Cool small initiatives for 311: design 311

After the disaster, I think there is one positive change in Japan. It was really a good move.

Yes, there is a lot of cool and creative initiatives that have never been done before, but now waited for the time to spark and it’s starting to bloom!!

design311 is the one website I would recommend fully. This site aggregates the information of small initiatives by the designers to rebuild the Japan after this tsunami disaster. Many social, individual activists and bloggers, designers, architects are now starting to show their power in the real field!!

I am recruiting the volunteers who wants to spread this message out in the space of worldwide. If you have any idea about the good volunteers who wants to translate this page, please let me know!!


Streetbank London

I am recently became a member of StreetBank, online community of borrowing, lending and give-away. This is the most interesting peer-to-peer system I have now in my mind.

The reason why I became so addicted is that this site looks really fun and human. If you register, I can know the people who lives around me in a mile and will know what kind of lifestyle they spend. They offered some equipments to borrow, or skills to help moving furnitures, or just shouting out to borrow some computer from someone. I can feel the buzz from the street, it’s a very cheerful street actually.

Now in London, I feel so lonely sometime as many neighbors will never get to know each other deeply unless they have a child. If you have a child, you should have a certain time to spare for communicating other mothers and fathers, but if you don’t, there is no need to talk with neighbors. That is the london.

This streetbank gives me a sense of humor, and some opportunities to know the people who lives around me. This site looks much better than Gumtree, as it somehow screen the people with cooperative mindset.

If you have a chance, please have a look and register.

Talk with Ilona…. Green Bronx Machine

Just got a call in a skype, immidiately after writing a small message in Linkedin, it was a great timing, after the morning phone call rush, I was taking a shower and coming out in a chilled relaxing time for lunch.

It was Ilona, (ilona de jonph) from sprout design,, and with her, just chatting about updates in the early summers and what kind of seasons will come next.

Her work now is amazing, named Green Bronx Machine (cool naming!) that provide the opportunity to the youth to start up their business with growing greens in urban settings. They grow and they got more confident in themselves.

The exactly same thing is happening in my projects as well. We talked, there is no boundary between India or Africa and NYC, in terms of income generation and building up the confidence.

I really impressed and motivated, so to start my lessons about greens….. I am thinking of signing up nearest gardening and growing vegetable course in school farm of hammersmith of London.

Yunus was back, but also next generation

Yunus was back, but also next generation will come. RT @shinotsuchiya: YUNUS’s appeal against dismissal rejected

Yunus is back!

After a long turmoil in Microfinance world after the big scandal of Prof.Yunus’s struggle, he is now back in the danone.communities general meeting on 28th April in Paris. It was said to be the first time for him to go out of the country and have a presentation in front of the audience after that affair. Everyone was excited that he was there. (Especially Danone people were excited since their Guru was now released from the big threatening scandal.) He is the icon of microfinance, but from his real statements on that day, he didn’t look like being exhausted. He is more energized and clearly mentioned. Microfinance itself doesn’t have a wrong direction. This time, the engagement of politics made the things worse!!

He clearly criticized this time the politicians’ greed and their bad intention to utilize the power. He was furious, and he was energized and powerful. Yunus was raising his hand up in the air in front of the big 2000 audience, and said, “We protected the share of the poor!” He mentioned that the Grameen Bank was threaten to shift to be under the control of the Government, but he and his staffs in Grameen was fighting back to protect the bank. As his way of saying goes, the bank was owned by the shareholders, who is the mothers of the poors.

He is now coming out from the ashes, being more powerful than ever. As he predicted, the Indian government and Reserve Bank of India, the finance central authority, had enacted the guideline for microfinance submitted by the Malegam Committee for the country’s microfinance industry. >> The confusion happened in India, caused by the double-debt affairs by borrowers in Andhra Pradesh, will affect the whole industry a big much damage, but gradually it is getting to be stabilized.

Now in Japan, after the Tsunami, the discussion started regarding the financial support for victims in Tohoku area. And in the discussion, the lessons learnt in India was also refrained. Loans to victims after the disaster and any re-start-up entrepreneurs in Tohoku area, should be carefully treated to avoid the multi-debt situation.

>Ken Banks’s

>I had jumped in the small group meeting of Ken Banks’s presentation held
at LSE yesterday, and I had a lot of influence and inspiration at the
end of the meeting.
Ken’s presentation was really insightful, with a lot of deeper knowledge
which making me sure of what I had thought through the process of
understanding many cases, and also there was a new finding from him.

We should transfer designing division to the bop arena….. That means,
BoP people can also write programme or design their products by their own.

I had a same idea from IDE, International Development Enterprises which
I will work with, and my ideas about village enterprises will explode
with this concept. I think this means a lot to the schools and the
enterprises in rural areas.

I had felt that there had been just a small leap frogging these days
after finding micro-something business models, such as micro-franchising
or decentralized power generation, decentralized manufacturing at the
mini plants. But the programming or designing at BOP base will make a
boost ideas. And I had a lot of connections with the things which really
happened in rural areas.

Great inspirations and findings this week.

>Next Billion Articles

>I had posted to the Next Billion website;

At the Dawn of Japanese BoP Business

I think this is the first time for opening up the Japanese situation to
the world.